Stories of Sakuya - Queen of the Night

Keeping the momentum going, here's chapter 5 of Ichinose's Stories of Sakuya.  When I first glanced through this chapter I was a little disappointed with the pacing towards the end.  A little too quickly wrapped up with not much explanation.  But I guess it's for the best. In a series titled 'Stories of Sakuya,' you don't really want to use too much of the story focusing on the problems around the rest.  I just wish Tarou had realized that before he made that such a big part of the setup.

One translation note:  When Meiling breaks through the floor, the kanji is read in Japanese as "ha" and the meaning was akin to a type of school or discipline, yet it seems like she was just letting out a kind of battle yell.  Since they bothered to add a meaning to her yell I thought adding the Chinese reading, Pai, would not only go well with China-san but would also keep the idea that what she yelled actually meant something instead of just having her yell "Ha!"  I hope it works...

Anyway, the next chapter 'In the New World' might take a little longer.  It's a lot more dialogue heavy than the last two.  But it's coming.

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