Stories of Sakuya - Magic Garden

For my first attempt at a translation, I decided to start with something simple.
Ichinose’s ‘stories of sakuya’ has been floating around for a couple of years with only the first three chapters translated and the fourth was short but sweet so it seemed a perfect choice.  Apologies, but I left the author‘s ‘afterward’ untranslated.

About the chapter; it’s always nice to see a KouMaKan based story where Meiling doesn’t end up with a bunch of knives sticking out of her head. even though it makes me laugh every time ^_^; Loli 
Sakuya is cute but I still liked seeing how she and Meiling interacted in the first chapter.  I’d
like to see more of that.  In good time I suppose.

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  1. Sakuya x Meiling is the worst pairing ever.
    You should feel bad for having such a bad taste.

  2. Great work for your first translation, thanks for picking this series up!

    I'm an uploader for Dynasty-scans, where we host an Online Reader for various manga. I would like to request your permission to host this and the other chapters of "Stories of Sakuya" you've translated, as well as any future series you may choose to translate. We are 100% not-for-profit, would give credit (in whatever name you'd like) and would provide links back to both your homepage and each individual chapter's release post. If you would like to request an upload delay or any other caveat for hosting privileges, we are happy to comply with any wishes that you may have. Thank you very much for your time!


    1. Hey there, sorry for the late reply.

      Absolutely, no problem! No need for an upload delay, anyone can access the chapters any way they see fit. As you suggested, all I want is a credit to "Ultimaniac" like in the credits page included in the chapters, and links back to this blog and we're good to go!