Miku on Letterman

It's old news at the time of writing this post but I've been meaning to revive this blog and this was an important topic to me.

Miku on Letterman.


She was on to promote the Miku art exhibit in New York which was running almost parallel to the latest big live concert in Japan, Magical Mirai.

Whatever the reason, I never would've expected it, didn't know what to expect going into it.  Altogether, I was disappointed in the performance.  Yet another example of people using her image without understanding why she's popular. 

First of all, the projector was incredibly cheap.  The image looks like a bad render on a crt.  The blue tint on the model was fine 4 years ago in the first Japanese concerts when the shows were fresh and new.  But the latest shows blow those and the Letterman performance out of the water.  I understand that they're not going to spring for a super high quality projector for the show, to the producers she's just this weird foreign cartoon thing.  It's still really jarring to see this quality on a professional level again after all this time.

The song they chose, Sharing The World is sung in English and in my opinion, doesn't do Miku's voice justice.  It was badly tuned and way too high pitched over all.  There are plenty of popular Japanese Miku songs that are high pitched as well but a lot of them are old, from the early days of the Vocaloid software where Miku's voice was more a novelty than anything.  If you're going to expose Miku to people for the first time now, you want to at least have a song that not just the niche crowd will enjoy.  Almost any song from the Magical Mirai 2014 setlist would've been preferable.  My first choice would've been Earth day.  A pleasant sounding song whether you understand what she's saying or not.

I appreciate the Huffington Post taking the opportunity to educate anyone scratching their heads afterwards though.

I still think Miku can be done right in the West though.  The Lady Gaga opening was pretty good =\ We'll see what happens next year.

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